Stirling Addiction New (TSP radio 23/05/08)

  1. Virak, ‘Song of Everything’
    From Threads, SWEDEN MIRROR MIRROR MUSIC mimi 01 CD (2008)
  2. Faust, ‘Thru’
    From Kleine Welt (Live), FINLAND EKTRO RECORDS EKTRO-046 CD (2008)
  3. {{{Sunset}}}, ‘I Love my Job’
    From Bright Blue Dream, USA AUTOBUS RECORDS Auto007 CD (2008)
  4. Phantom Dsic, ‘Photon’
    From Phantom Dsic, UK PHANTOMHEAD RECORDINGS / LF RECORDS split CDR (2008)
  5. eRikm and Akosh S., ‘Part 4’
    From Zufall, FRANCE RONDA rnd10 CD (2008)
  6. Xela, ‘Calling for Vanished Faces’ (extract)
    From split LP with MGR, USA BARGE RECORDINGS BRG004 LP (2008)
  7. Gnaw Their Tongues, ‘Sawn asunder and left for the beasts’
    From An Epiphanic Vomiting of Blood, USA CRUCIAL BLAST RECORDS CBR067-2 CD (2008)
  8. The Mighty Acts of God, ‘The Slow Hardwood of a once thorough woman’
    From Sing With Me: Music for the Human Voice, FINLAND HARHA-ASKEL HA-4 CDR (2008)
  9. Isengrind, Twinsistermoon, Natural Snow Buildings, ‘Nieve Sacra’
    From The Snowbringer Cult, USA STUDENTS OF DECAY SOD 60-61 2 x CD (2008)
  10. Language of the Dards, ‘The Woman Eagle’ (extract)
    From Whispers for Wolves, ITALY BORING MACHINES BM006 CD (2008)
  11. D&N, ‘New Neighbor’
    From D&N, USA MAYYRH RECORDS MYH03 3″ CDR (2008)
  12. The Zanzibar Snails, (Track 3)
    From Brown Dwarf, USA MAYYRH RECORDS MYH05 CD (2008)
  13. Maja S K Ratkje, ‘Essential Extensions’ (extract)
    From River Mouth Echoes, USA TZADIK TZ 8051 CD (2008)
  14. Dsic, ‘Feverkick’
    From Love City, UK LF RECORDS LF 003 CDR (2007)
  15. Talugung, ‘Apparition Comet’
    From Under Humid Light, FINLAND HARHA-ASKEL HA-5 CDR (2008)
  16. Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, ‘Facelessness Erases every trace of Humanity’
    From Gothenburg 08, SWEDEN FANG BOMB FB006 CD (2008)
  17. Sujo, (Track 4)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM

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