New issue in preparation

prepme.JPGThe Sound Projector 17th issue is more or less “underway”, although anxious readers should not hold their breath; the finished magazine may not appear until around January 2009. What does this news mean for you?

  • If you’re considering sending in CDs or other submissions for review, then I regret to inform you that issue 17 is pretty much full up. By all means please continue to send material, with the understanding that it will be carried forward to the box marked “issue 18”.
  • If you’d like to advertise in issue 17, you are welcome to contact me about this and even submit your copy any time in the next few months. An official letter of reminder will be circulated to interested parties nearer the date.
  • If you like reading the ‘Recent arrivals’ posts, I will try and keep these coming, but I must confess that most of my scriptorial and auditorial energies are now devoted to producing issue 17.

Kind regards

Ed Pinsent (Editor)

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