Free Jazz II (TSP radio 09/01/09)

  1. Sunny Murray, ‘Red Cross’ (1969)
    From Sunshine, ITALY GET BACK GET348 LP (2001)
  2. Jimmy Garrison / Elvin Jones, ‘Gettin on Way’ (1963)
    From Illumination!, USA ABC RECORDS (IMPULSE) A-49 LP
  3. Henry Grimes, ‘Fish Story’ (1965)
    From The Call, ITALY GET BACK GET1045 LP (2003)
  4. Archie Shepp, ‘Pitchin Can’
    From Pitchin Can, FRANCE AMERICA RECORDS 30 AM 6106 LP (1970)
  5. Clifford Thornton, ‘Tout le Pouvoir au Peuple’
    From The Panther and The Lash, FRANCE AMERICA RECORDS 30 AM 6113 LP (1970)
  6. Revolutionary Ensemble, ‘New York’
    From The People’s Republic, USA A&M RECORDS SP-708 / HORIZON 8 LP (1976)
  7. Burton Greene, ‘From “Out of Bartok”’ (1969)
    From Aquariana, ITALY GET BACK GET 308 LP (2001)
  8. Noah Howard, ‘Homage to Coltrane’ (fade)
    From At Judson Hall, USA ESP-DISK’ ESP 1064 LP (1968)
  9. Bill Dixon 7Tette, ‘Winter Song 1964’
    From UK CBS REALMJAZZ SERIES 52422 LP (1965)
  10. Jacques Coursil, ‘Black Suite part II’ (fade) (1969)
    From Black Suite, ITALY GET BACK GET 349 LP (2001)
  11. John Tchicai, ‘Orga Fleur Super Asam’ (1968)
    From Cadentia Nova Danica, UK POLYDOR 2343 015 LP (1970)
  12. Creative Construction Company, ‘Muhal Part II’ (fade)
    From Creative Construction Company, USA MUSE RECORDS MR 5071 LP (1975)
  13. Don Cherry and The Jazz Composer’s Orchestra, ‘Mali Doussn’ Gouni’
    From Relativity Suite, UK JCOA RECORDS / VIRGIN J 2001 LP (1974)
  14. Grachan Moncur III, ‘Air Raid’ (1963)
    From Evolution, FRANCE BLUE NOTE BST 84153 LP (1985)

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