In The Art Gallery V (TSP radio 20/03/09)

  1. Pierre André Arcand, ‘idiovox’
    From Erratum #4, FRANCE ERRATUM EM004 3 x CD (2004)
  2. Gordon Mumma (with Stephen Smoliar), ‘Conspiracy 8’
    From Electronic Music of Theater and Public Activity, USA NEW WORLD RECORDS 80632-2 CD (2005)
  3. Phill Niblock, ‘friedl erratum mix’
    From Erratum #4, op cit.
  4. Anna Lockwood and Harvey Matusow, ‘End’ (1970)
    From Text-Sound Compositions – A Stockholm Festival, SWEDEN FYLKINGEN RECORDS FYCD 1024: 1-5 5 x CD BOX (2005)
  5. Charlemagne Palestine and Terry Jennings, ‘Short & Sweet’ (1974)
    From Sharing A Sonority, ITALY ALGA MARGHEN plana-P 28NMN.068 CD (2008)
  6. Alexandre Yterce, ‘éveil-intention’
    From Erratum #4, op cit.
  7. RLW, ‘Kleine blaue Hybriden’
    From Acht, GERMANY SELEKTION SCD 008 CD (1992)

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