Good Friday (TSP radio 10/04/09)

  1. Jean-Luc Guionnet, ‘Unda Maris’
    From Pentes, FRANCE A BRUIT SECRET 07 CD (2002)
  2. Alfred Schnittke, ‘Two Small Pieces for Organ, #1’
    From RUSSIA MELODIYA SUCD 10-00066 CD (1990)
  3. Charlemagne Palestine, ‘Strumming Music’ (1987)
    From Godbear, NETHERLANDS BAROONI BAR019 CD (1997)
  4. Morton Feldman, ‘Principal Sound’ (1980)
    From Organ Music of the USA, SWEDEN BIS BIS-CD-510 (1992)
  5. William Basinksi, Untitled (Track 2)
    From Melancholia, USA 2062 0301 CDR (2003)
  6. Henry Flynt, Celestial Power (1981)
    From USA RECORDED NO NUMBER 2 x CD (2001)

No announcements. All selections segue.

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