Guitars, mostly (US 90s) (TSP radio 08/05/09)

  1. Kramer, ‘Ball Five’
    From The Guilt Trip, USA SHIMMY-DISC sh-055 2 x CD (1992)
  2. When People Were Shorter and Lived Near The Water, ‘Up All Night’
    From Bill Kennedy’s Showtime, USA SHIMMY DISC 64 CD (1993)
  3. MX-80 Sound, ‘Fender Bender’ (1980)
    From Das Love Boat, USA a&r/ENT CD027 CD (1990)
  4. Big Stick, ‘Bumblebee’
    From Pro Drag, USA POW WOW RECORDS PWD 7456 CD (1995)
  5. Mosquito, ‘Bayonne Trailerpark’
    From U.F.O. Catcher, JAPAN TIME BOMB BOMB CD-13 CD (1993)
  6. godheadSilo, ‘Mr. Push Up’
    From The Scientific Supercake LP, UK KILL ROCK STARS KRS 226 CD (1994)
  7. Sonny Sharrock, ‘Devil Doll Baby’
    From Guitar, USA ENEMY RECORDS EMY 102 LP (1986)
  8. Royal Trux, ‘(Edge of the) Ape Oven’
    From Twin Infinitives, USA DOMINO WIGCD8 CD (1990)
  9. Rudolph Grey, ‘Transfixed’
    From Transfixed, USA NEW ALLIANCE RECORDS NAR 036 LP (1988)
  10. Luxurious Bags, ‘Hell is Other People’ (1990)
    From Quarantine Heaven, USA TWISTED VILLAGE TW-1026 CD (1993)
  11. Rhys Chatham, ‘Cadenza’
    From Factor X, GERMANY MOERS MUSIC 02008 LP (1983)
  12. Sonic Youth, ‘Silver Flower’
    From Silver Session, USA SKR 1 CD (1998)
  13. Swans, ‘Volcano’
    From Soundtracks for the Blind, USA YOUNG GOD YG01 2 x CD (1996)
  14. Crystalized Movements, ‘Good Evening Silence’
    From Revelations from Pandemonium, USA TWISTED VILLAGE TW-1019 CD (1992)
  15. Glenn Branca, ‘Fifth Movement’
    From Symphony No. 6, UK BLAST FIRST BFFP 39 LP (1989)

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