Blakk Fryday

The Sound Projector Radio Show 13th November 2009

  1. Black Funeral, ‘Harab Serapel, The Ravens Of Death – NETZACH (Bael/Tubal Cain)’
    From Waters of Weeping, ITALY BEHEMOTH PRODUCTIONS BEH 11 CD (2007)
  2. diSEMBOWELMENT, ‘Excoriate’
    From diSEMBOWELMENT, USA RELAPSE RECORDS 66042-1 2 x CD (2005)
  3. Lietterschpich, ‘I Cum Blood in The Fish Tank’
    From I Cum Blood in The Fish Tank, ISRAEL HEART & CROSSBONE HCB 013 CD (2007)
  4. MONEYI$GOD, ‘Cancer’
    From What Pleasing The Lord Looks Like Marriage, ISRAEL HEART & CROSSBONE HCB 020 CD (2008)
  5. Wold, ‘Ray Of Gold’
    From Screech Owl, CANADA PROFOUND LORE RECORDS PFL 021 CD (2007)
  6. Cadaver Eyes, ‘BaHoref Karrr’
    From What Pleasing The Lord, op cit.
  7. bARBARA, ‘The Feedbacker’
    From Peger, ISRAEL HEART & CROSSBONE HCB 009 CD (2007)
  8. Striborg, ‘Across Thornfields’
    From Nocturnal Emissions / Nyctophobia, AUSTRALIA FINSTERNIS PRODUCTIONS FINSTER 11 CD (2003)
  9. Poochlatz, ‘A Stairway to the Scars’
    From What Pleasing The Lord, op cit.
  10. Menace Ruine, ‘Surface Vessel’
    From The Die Is Cast, CANADA ALIEN8 RECORDINGS ALIEN CD 082 CD (2008)
  11. Grave In The Sky, ‘Donnie Darko’
    From Cutlery Hits China: English For the Hearing Impaired, ISRAEL HEART & CROSSBONE HCB 015 CD (2007)
  12. V.E.G.A., ‘Beton #2’
  13. Sombres Forêts, ‘Au Solstice De L’Hiver’
    From Quintessence, CANADA SEPULCHRAL PRODUCTIONS SP005 CD (2006)

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  1. once again a most excellent show. sorry to hear you had such a bad week, but i guess it added to my personal listening enjoyment. i started listening on Friday and turned it off to save it for Sunday.

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