What Response?

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 30th March 2012

  1. Extra Life, ‘Righteous Seed’
    From Dream Seeds, USA NORTHERN SPY NS022 CD (2012)
  2. Vibravoid, ‘Eruptions Of The Green Sun’
    From Gravity Zero, GERMANY SULATRON RECORDS ST 1201 CD (2012)
  3. Noah Creshevsky, ‘Tomomi Adachi Redux II’
    From Rounded With A Sleep, USA POGUS PRODUCTIONS 21063-2 CD (2012)
  4. Chicago Underground Duo, ‘Age Of Energy’
    From Age Of Energy, USA NORTHERN SPY NS020 CD (2012)
  5. Thollem / Parker / Cline, ‘There Are’
    From The Gowanus Session, USA PORTER RECORDS PRCD-4068 CD (2012)
  6. Plaistow, ‘Cube’ (extract)
    From Lacrimosa, SWITZERLAND INSUBORDINATIONS [insub.dlt01.cd] CD (2012)
  7. Ben Vida, ‘Ssseeeeiiiiii’
    From Esstends-Esstends-Esstends, GERMANY PAN 23 LP (2012)
  8. David Maranha / Z’EV, extract from Obsidiana, FRANCE SONORIS SNS-11 CD (2012)
  9. Richard Pinhas / Merzbow, ‘Rhizome 2 – 100101000111010’
    From Rhizome, USA CUNEIFORM RECORDS RUNE 328 CD (2011)
  10. Oren Ambarchi, ‘Fractured Mirror’
    From Audience Of One, UK TOUCH TO:83 CD (2012)
  11. Alexander Sigman, ‘entartete musik 2’
    From Nominal/Noumenal, USA CARRIER RECORDS CARRIER 014 CD (2012)
  12. John Bischoff, ‘Surface Effect’
    From Audio Combine, USA NEW WORLD RECORDS 80727 CD (2012)

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