English Eccentrics

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 17th August 2012

  1. The Native Hipsters, ‘Baboon Climbs The Mountain’
    From There Goes Concorde Again, UK MECHANICALLY RECLAIMED MUSIC MRM001 CD (2001)
  2. Eddie Fiction, ‘U.F.O. Pt 2′
    From UK ABSURD 2 7″ SINGLE (1979)
  3. Phones Sportsman Band, ‘I woke up this morning / Get down and get with it / Wah wah track / The Olton’
  4. Renaldo and the Loaf, ‘Kimbolton Gnome Song’
    From Songs for Swinging Larvae, USA RALPH RECORDS RL-8108 LP (1981)
  5. Ether Hogg, ‘Kick Out The Hogg’
    From Snivelization, USA SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY SFTRI 327 CD (1994)
  6. Oliver, ‘Freezing Cold like an Iceberg’
    From Standing Stone, UK TENTH PLANET TP001 LP (1992)
    Recorded in 1974.
  7. Julian Cope, ‘Sunspots’
    From Fried, UK MERCURY MERL 48 LP (1984)
  8. People Like Us, ‘Snippy’
    From Thermos Explorer, HOT AIR AIRHEAD 002 CD (2000)
  9. Joe Meek, ‘Love Dance of the Saroos’
    From I Hear A New World, UK RPM 103 CD (1991)
  10. Kevin Ayers, ‘Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes’
    From whatevershebringswesing, UK HARVEST SHVL 800 LP (1972)
  11. Syd Barrett, ‘No Good Trying’
    From The Madcap Laughs, UK HARVEST HERITAGE SHSP 4041
  12. Frank Sidebottom, ‘Indie Medley’
    From A B C & D…The Best Of, UK CHERRY RED CDMRED 143 CD (1997)
  13. Adam Bohman, ‘Tom Brown’s School Days / The Girl In The Purple Dress / Quango Tango / This is your leader speaking (part 2) / Bunhill Botleys on the Rampage’
    From Bunhill Row, UK PARADIGM DISCS PD 19 LP (2006)
  14. The Bonzos, ‘The Intro and The Outro’
    From Gorilla (Digital Remaster), UK EMI 0946 387889 2 8 CD (2007)
  15. Roger Ruskin Spear, ‘Trouble with my Trousers’
    From Unusual, UK UNITED ARTISTS UAS 29508 LP (1974)
  16. Viv Stanshall, ‘Teddy Keeps His Clips On’
    From Teddy Boys Don’t Knit, UK CHARISMA CAS 1153 LP (1981)
  17. The Bonzos, ‘Rhinocratic Oaths’
    From The Doughnut In Granny’s Greenhouse (Digital Remaster), UK EMI 0946 3 87890 2 4 CD (2007)
  18. Billy Childish and Sexton Ming, ‘The Arthur Young Workbench’
    From Which Dead Donkey Daddy?, UK HANGMAN RECORDS HANG-5 UP LP (1987)
  19. Sexton Ming, ‘The Octopus Weeps For You’
    From 6 More Miles to the Graveyard, UK HANGMAN RECORDS HANG-18 UP (1988)
  20. Sexton Ming, ‘Lesson Number One’
    From HANG-5 UP
  21. Lol Coxhill, from Murder in the Air, UK CHILTERN SOUND RECORDS EP
  22. The Portsmouth Sinfonia, ‘A Day in the Life’
    From 20 Classic Rock Classics, UK PHILIPS 9109 231 LP (1979)
  23. Bob Cobbing, ‘Variations on a theme of Tan’ (1968)
    From The Spoken Word, UK THE BRITISH LIBRARY NSACD42 CD (2009)
  24. The Rebel, ‘The song at the end of the album’
    From The Incredible Hulk, UK JUNIOR ASPIRIN RECORDS ASP019 LP (2009)

See here for the American counterpart to this show


  1. Luke Temple Walsh

    Really enjoying the show, while at the drawing board, ironically drawing someone chained to the drawing board. Thanks. Looking forward to when you (and Resonance) come back.

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