Half Day at Bank

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 26th October 2012

First two minutes of show are missing

  1. Pilesar, ‘Pill Planner’
    From Stereo Space, USA NO LABEL CD (2012(
  2. Under The Carpet, ‘Sizes Performance And Capacity’
    From Under The Carpet, RUPTURED RPTD009 CD (2012)
  3. City Surgical, ‘Guajara Mirim’
    From Dilaudio Day, USA NO LABEL CD (2012)
  4. 1982 + BJ Cole, (Track 05)
    From 1982 + BJ Cole, NORWAY HUBRO MUSIC HUBROCD2522 CD (2012)
  5. Forma, ‘Forma 278’
  6. Jérémie Ternoy Trio, ‘Dessus’
  7. Ehnahre, (Track 03)
    From Old Earth, USA CRUCIAL BLAST CBR99 CD (2012)
  8. Hitoshi Kojo, ‘Seminal Weavers’
    From High Tide Mirror, POLAND SHINING DAY SHINE 12 / OMNIMEMENTO OM06 CD (2012)
  9. Ratchet Orchestra, ‘Hemlock – Part 1’
    From Hemlock, CANADA DRIP AUDIO DA00820 CD (2012)
  10. Sky Burial, ‘There I Saw The Grey Wolf Gaping’
    From There I Saw The Grey Wolf Gaping, USA SMALL DOSES DOSE115 / FIRST LIGHT FL01 CD (2012)
  11. Alessandro Bosetti, ‘Fantozzi Vs. Dalla’
    From Der Italienische Manierismus, CON-V CNVCD006 (2012)
  12. Kirston Norderval, ‘Glass And Mirrors’
    From Aural Histories, USA DEEP LISTENING DL 45-2012 CD (2012)
  13. Akira Kosemura, (Track 09)
    From It’s On Everything +, AUSTRALIA SOMEONE GOOD RMSG002R CD (2012)
  14. Piano Interrupted, ‘Hedi’
    From Two By Four, UK DAYS OF BEING WILD WILD001 CD (2012)
  15. Uli Rennert, ‘Intersection’
    From Project, PANTAU-X RECORDS PT-X 106 CD (2012)
  16. Funerary Call, ‘Transference from the Void’
    From Fragments from the Aethyr, USA CRUCIAL BLAST CBR100 CD (2012)


  1. Hi Ed,

    Thanks for playing my music!

    Actually the album is not ‘mainly electronic’, as you commented. It’s a combination of written music for string sextet with synth, clarinet, and double-bass as mainly improvising soloists.

    Cheers, Uli

  2. Dear Uli

    Thanks for the information! Very sorry to misrepresent your music on the air. Hopefully this can be corrected in a later written review by me.


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