Mystery Show 2013

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 15th February 2013

  1. Reynols, ‘Ranja Asutan’
    From No Reynols, USA FREEDOM FROM FF163 2 x CD (2001)
  2. Serafina Steer, ‘Uncomfortable’
    From Cheap Demo Bad Science, UK STATIC CARAVAN VAN 138 CD (2007)
  3. Klimperei, ‘Petite Odile’
    From Ignoble Vermine, FRANCE GAZUL RECORDS GA 8678 AR CD (2004)
  4. Omoide Hatoba, ‘Nuclear Fantasia’
    From Mantako, USA PUBLIC BATH PBCD5 CD (1994)
  5. Hototogisu, (Track 5)
    From Chimärendämmerung, USA DE STIJL IND-062 CD (2006)
  6. Jooklo Duo, ‘Primitive Power’
    From The Warrior, USA NORTHERN SPY NSVS 003 7″ SINGLE (2010)
  7. Ground-Zero, ‘Null & Void: Right Side’
    From Null & Void, USA TZADIK TZ 7204 CD (1995)
  8. Beherit, ‘Drawing Down The Moon’
    From Electric Doom Synthesis, FINLAND SPINEFARM RECORDS SPI28CD (1995)
  9. Sudden Infant, ‘Beautiful Tile’
    From Psychotic Einzelkind, USA BLOSSOMING NOISE BN036CD CD (2008)
  10. Peter Martin and Finch, ‘Drouyn Theme’
    From Drouyn, JAPAN EM RECORDS EM1067CD CD (2007)
  11. Li-Jianhong, (Track 2)
    From Drama Script, CHINA 2PI RECORDS 2PI 009 CD (2005)
  12. Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra, ‘Solar Symbols’
    From Secrets of the Sun, SATURN RESEARCH GH 9954 E/F (1965)
  13. Demo Moe, ‘Shattered Glass’
    From Demolish NYC, USA MALDOROR RECORDS DM1 (1988)
  14. Monoton, ‘Neu’
    From Monotonprodukt 07, AUSTRIA MONOTON MONOTONPRODUKT 07 (1982)
  15. Kangaroo Kourt, ‘(Speed Kills But) Venetian Blinds’
    From Sleeping Beauty, USA LH 25251 LP (ND)
  16. Mark Boombastik, ‘Hoffnung (Live)’
    From Plastik Lieb / Hoffnung (Live), NETHERLANDS MEEUW MUZAK MM031 7″ SINGLE (2010)
  17. Wild Billy Childish And The Blackhands, ‘Tequila’
    From Play Capt’n Calypso’s Hoodoo Party, JAPAN EM RECORDS EM1065CD (2007)
    Recorded in 1988.
  18. Vom Grill, ‘Soyez Réalistes, Demandez I’Impossible!’
  19. Sympathy Nervous, ‘Money Crisis’
    From No More Expo, JAPAN NEGATIVE EMISSION NE-1002T (ND)
  20. Hot Troche, ‘Passing’
    From Yopaakuyu With Me, USA ILLEGAL ART IA110 CD (2004)
  21. Black Sabbath, ‘Embryo’
    From Master Of Reality, UK SANCTUARY 2730325 CD (2010)
    Recorded in 1971.
  22. Eric Dolphy, ‘Eclipse’
    From Out There, UK PRESTIGE 0025218810128 CD (2006)
    Recorded in 1960.
  23. MoHa!, ‘Naaljos Ljom’
    From Kriiskav Valgus, GERMANY LE PETIT MIGNON LPM05 7″ SINGLE (2010)
  24. Wolf Vostell, ‘Fandango’
    From Dé-Coll/age Musik, ITALY MULTHIPLA RECORDS M20137 (1982)
  25. Dog Faced Hermans, ‘Incineration’
    From Humans Fly / Every Day Timebomb, NETHERLANDS KONKURREL ?K 133 / EFA 20-13120 CD (1991)
  26. Nora Guthrie, ‘Home Before Dark’
    From Emily’s Illness, JAPAN EM RECORDS EM1083 7″ SINGLE (2009)
  27. Norma Winstone, ‘Enjoy This Day’
    From Edge Of Time, DISCONFORME SL DISC 1962 CD (2000)
    Recorded in 1972.
  28. Heart2Heart, ‘Liquid Sky’
    From Rare Youth, USA RARE YOUTH RY001 2 x CD (2006)
  29. Shepherds, ‘We’re In It For The Corn Demon’
    From Loco Hills, SWEDEN RELEASE THE BATS RTB#29 CD (2007)
  30. Will Guthrie, ‘Spiked’
    From Spike-s, NORWAY PICA DISK PICA011 7″ SINGLE (2009)
  31. Pato, ‘Brace Brace’
  32. People Band, ‘Soho Studio 7’
    From People Band 69/70, UK EMANEM RECORDS 5201 2 x CD (2009)

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