All-French III

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 15th March 2013

  1. Vortex, ‘Hipopotalamus Negrus’
    From 1975-1979, FRANCE LE TRITON TRI-03508 2 x CD
  2. Besombes-Rizet, ‘Haute Pression’
    From Pôle, FRANCE TAPIOCA TP 10 005/10 006 2 x LP (1976)
  3. Video-Aventures, ‘Une Vie Moderne’
    From Musique Pour Garçons Et Filles, UK RECOMMENDED RR 8.75 (1981)
  4. Verto, ‘Krig’
    From Krig / Volubilis, FRANCE POLE RECORDS 0009 (1976)
  5. Etron Fou Leloublan, ‘Paris 65’
    From Face Aux Elements Dechaines, SWITIZERLAND RECREC 08 (1985)
  6. Richard Pinhas,’Melodic Simple Transition’
    From L’Ethique, UK PULSE RECORDS PULSE 006 LP (1982)
  7. Jean-Luc Ponty, ‘Puppets’ Dance’
    From Cosmic Messenger, USA ATLANTIC SD 19189 LP (1978)
  8. Pierre Henry, ‘Pénétration’
    From Mise En Musique Du Corticalart De Roger Lafosse, FRANCE PHILIPS 6521 022 LP (1971)
  9. Ghédalia Tazartès, ‘Charlie’s Retire’
    From Check Point Charlie, FRANCE GAZUL RECORDS GA 8684.AR CD (2006)
    Recorded in 1990.
  10. Pascal Comelade, ‘A Few Reasons To Stay – A Few Reasons To Split’
    From Fluence, FRANCE TAPIOCA TP 10012 LP (1978)
  11. Nino Nardini, ‘Les Cheveus Du Vent’ + ‘Agression Saptiale’
    From Musique Pour Le Futur, FRANCE NEUILLY MC 8001 (1969)
  12. Camizole, ‘Electronic Alarm’
    From Musique Electronique En France 1974-1984, FRANCE GAZUL RECORDS GA 8689.AR CD (2007)
  13. Alain Markusfeld, ‘L’Oasis Sous Les Étoiles’
    From Contemporus, FRANCE EGG 900 581 LP (1979)
  14. Semool, ‘Essai 3’
    Recorded 1969 and 1971.
  15. Mahogany Brain, ‘Silkskin Dawn’ + ‘Tongues Movie: Docteur Cloud’
    From Smooth Sick Lights, FRANCE TAPIOCA TP 10015 LP (1977)
  16. Jean-Claude Eloy, (Face II)
    From Shanti, FRANCE ERATO STU 71205/6 2 x LP (1979)

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