Man From Uranus

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The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 26th April 2013

With special guest Man From Uranus

  1. Rob Jesus and Man From Uranus – ‘The Path’
  2. MFU and Oriol Perucho – ‘untitled’
  3. NFU and Dragon Noir – ‘Dragon Noir’
  4. MFU and CJoynes – ‘New Peasant Shirt’
    From Switched on Guitars
  5. Koudede – ‘hat-Iman-In’
    From Sublime Frequencies Guitars of Agadez vol. 6
  6. MFU – ‘Room Temperatures’
  7. MFU – ‘Clissold Park’
  8. MFU – ‘Jetfighter of Love’
  9. MFU and Bella Basura – ‘Music for Bookshops’
  10. MFU and Faradina Afifi – ‘Molecular Biology’
  11. Rock with Electronics – ‘Sick’
  12. MFU – ‘Train Tracks’
  13. Les Aventures Sous La Mer – ‘Ascension – Schrodingers Duck – My Soulfish – Bird over the Ocean’
  14. MFU – ‘Zero Infinity’
  15. Heatwave – ‘Groove Line’


  1. Thanks very much Ed Pinsent and Resonance FM for giving me the hour and half to play my music. Great show

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