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Entrances is Banks Bailey’s second release on Quiet World following on from 2008’s Vibrations from the Holocene. Whereas the previous recording was largely devoted to natural sounds, this new offering features a mix of field recordings from Bailey’s native Arizona and his original tone and drone music. The result is 35 continuous minutes of atmospheric and haunting sounds.

Far from being mere background sounds, this is a CD that deserves a clear mind and undivided attention, which it rewards by introducing and enhancing the sounds of nature to create a spellbinding and transformative experience.

Whilst familiar, when placed this context, these sounds of nature take on an otherworldly vibe; no more so than with the sound hail peppering what sound like metal, which, at one point, gets louder and louder until it echoes in like gunfire. The addition of Bailey’s music provides an ambient undercurrent to the sounds of cascading rain, buzzing insects and twittering birds.

Bailey’s own music also adds an ominous vibe to the random and spontaneous natural sounds; building in intensity throughout like the soundtrack to a sparse and realistic horror film whose true object of terror has yet to be revealed. This is especially true when visitors’ voices are heard in the distance. Whilst jarring to hear human interlopers muscling in on the harmony of nature, the effect is to highlight how we are all at the mercy of the elements and how, in the natural world, we are the ones who don’t belong.

Overall, Entrances manages to create evocative and striking musical images that take on a life of their own when amplified inside the mind of the listener. Listening to the CD feels like a journey into the unknown, where nature takes on a whole new and unsettling persona; with the familiar morphing into the strange.

It’s also wonderfully refreshing to hear a piece of work that does not need to rely on technical wizardry or powerhouse sounds to get its point across. This is simply nature in its purest form; enhanced by an artist who is clearly in tune with his surroundings.

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  1. Thank you Hannah for your words. I shall pass on a link to Banks.
    Unfortunately the album is now out of print with us at Quiet World but kind words are always appreciated.

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