Lindsay Cooper RIP

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The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 4th October 2013

  1. Lindsay Cooper, ‘The Song Of The Shirt’
    From Rags, UK ARC RECORDS ARC 1 LP (1980)
  2. ‘Moments Of Delight’
    From The Last Nightingale, UK RE RECORDS RE 1984 (1984)
  3. Henry Cow, ‘Bittern Storm Over Ulm’
    From Unrest, ReR MEGACORP ReR HC2 CD (1999)
    Recorded in 1974.
  4. Slapp Happy / Henry Cow, ‘Caucasian Lullaby’
    From Desperate Straights, UK RECOMMENDED RECORDS RR12 LP (1982)
    Recorded in 1975.
  5. Lindsay Cooper, ‘Horse Waltz’
    From The Goldiggers, UK ReR MEGACORP RéR LCD (1991)
  6. Lindsay Cooper, ‘The Colony Comes A Cropper’
    From Music For Other Occasions, GERMANY NO MANS LAND nml 8603cd CD (1991)
  7. News From Babel, ‘Arcades (Of Glass)’
    From Sirens & Silences / Work Resumed On The Tower, UK RE RECORDS Re 6116 LP (1984)
  8. Lindsay Cooper, ‘Nightmare’
    From A View From The Bridge – Composed Works, UK IMPETUS IMP CD 29831 (1998)
  9. Hatfield And The North, ‘Mumps’
    From The Rotters’ Club, UK VIRGIN RECORDS V 2030 LP (1975)
  10. Art Bears, ‘The Dividing Line’
    From Hopes And Fears / The Art Box, UK ReR MEGACORP ReR ábOX (2004)
    Recorded in 1978.
  11. ‘In The Dark Year’
    From The Last Nightingale, op cit.
  12. Henry Cow, ‘Ruins’
    From Unrest, op cit.
  13. Feminist Improvising Group, ‘The Seventh Kiss’
    Recorded in 1980.
  14. Lindsay Cooper with the Mike Westbrook Orchestra, ‘Democratie’
    Recorded in 1982.
  15. News From Babel, ‘Klein’s Bottle’
    From Sirens & Silences, op cit.

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