Alvaro, The Chilean with the Singing Nose

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 21st March 2014

With special guest Alvaro Peña live in the studio talking, singing and playing!

Songs included (not in this order):

  1. Mariposa
  2. Men Don’t Cry They Sing
  3. My Home Town
  4. Green Velvet Suit
  5. The Tongue
  6. Manana
  7. I Have Been Won
  8. Drinkin My Own Sperm
  9. Mum’s Milk Not Powder
  10. I’m Not So Young Any More
  11. Stop Playing With Me
  12. Dry Tongue
  13. Three Trees
  14. Bye Bye



  1. Great!!! Alvaro is the best, thanks and regards from chile!

  2. Alvaro is great! His music is so original, so profound and still so fresh it’s simply unbelieveable. I wish the day will come when he gets all the respect and attention he deserves. Thank you for this broadcast and the informative Interview.

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