Are You Experienced? (Part I)

Marc Urselli / Cræsher
[Pi]oise (self-incestuous noise inception)

Twice did the Cræsher leaflet fall off my left hand, as a sign : having carefully read about the Pi concept as well as the “Impossible Object” idea described, I nonetheless decided its importance would bypass me, apologies : I wanted it physical, I wanted my senses to MAKE sense. But: I insist, we need more time, undoubtedly, to consider sounds like these (here are sine waves, generating one another, without effects or human intervention). We need more time because theses sounds tell stories, build architecture, objects come and go, fly over and under, different speeds, shapes, space changes within…And we could easily bypass these constructions, which would be a disaster, really : If I get it approximately right, aforementioned sine waves iterate, generate one another. Astounding hearing, a varied bouncing landscape developing as it sounds : forward (just like “la linea”, the Italian cartoon by Osvaldo Cavandoli). Some tracks are more blissful than others, but hardly : even the harshest sequences sound smooth, in their own way (the bouncing effect, I guess). Because : either signals, or more physical pumping objects, bounce on here; there’s for instance this dial-tone sequence, bouncing. At some point, space things even rain from above, you watch (hypnotized) that rain coming downwards, you enjoy it. Even the xxxx hertz blistering sound probe (like a warm naked body weighing its weight upon yours) : blissful. And then it’s gone!

So let’s get slapped up by Cræsher ! Let’s get pelted with hurting objects, the electronic shower hitting stunningly hard for your pleasure ! The successive treatments of the sine wave materials sound even more arousing in their ultra-defined clarity : I guess that’s when you really start to enjoy being stoned (in the sense of “being pelted with stones”, no confusion). Then again, I might be wrong, but this is a work for ears, not cavernous halls of music, be it “new”, or “noise”. What one may hear on head phones is an ever moving landscape, 360° & on, where you turn around, but everything does so, all pacing different, different ways. Arousingly, it feels wonderful to be rubbed that strong, as the experience appears highly physical, and mostly, vividly frantic (it’s hard, for me, to come down from it, to consider the “maths” side off the music I hear. Actually the concept hits me, as I’m getting HIT by the sound, but I don’t get hit and battered by Pi). Anyway, the washing punches on a very active stereo make a definite point : obviously, we do need that. Everything shakes, all manifestations occurring are terrible ! I’m here having a hell of a good time, because it sounds so exhilarating; there’s a cathartic machine at work in this music. AND if there’s greek mythology at stake, to me it’s the overpowering presence of a dyonisiac magnetic field force. Very surprising too, what goes on throughout he 12 pieces of music is merely this : things happening, and constantly developing.

NOW, getting acquainted with the project of the raw sine wave material each piece feeds off, do I agree the result is an amazing one, given the successive sound tales being told here, and their sheer diversity.

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