The New Stability of The Fall

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 14th November 2014

Compiled by guest presenter Harley Richardson

  1. The Fall, ‘(We Are) Mod Mock Goth’
    From (We Wish You) A Protein Christmas, UK ACTION RECORDS TAKE22CD CD EP (2003)
  2. ‘Taking Off’
    From Ersatz GB, UK CHERRY RED RECORDS CDBRED500 CD (2011)
  3. ‘Mexico Wax Solvent’
    From Your Future Our Clutter, UK DOMINO RECORDS WIGCD245 CD (2010)
  4. ‘Taurig’
    From Imperial Wax Solvent, UK SANCTUARY RECORDS 1765729 CD (2008)
  5. ‘O.F.Y.C. Showcase’
    From Your Future Our Clutter, op cit.
  6. ‘Y.F.O.C. / Slippy Floor’
    From Your Future Our Clutter, op cit.
  7. ‘Jetplane’
    From Re-Mit, UK CHERRY RED RECORDS CDBRED580 CD (2013)
  8. ‘Happi Song’
    From Ersatz GB, op cit.
  9. ‘Mister Rode’
    From The Remainderer EP, UK CHERRY RED RECORDS CDMRED600 CD EP (2013)
  10. The Monocles, ‘Spider and the Fly’
    From Pebbles volume 3: The Acid Gallery, AUS BFD RECORDS BFD-5020 LP (1979)
  11. The Fall, ‘Kinder of Spine’
    From Re-Mit, op cit.
  12. ‘Spyder’ (live at Islington Assembly Hall, 5th Dec 2012)
    Audience recording
  13. ‘Can Can Summer’
    From Imperial Wax Solvent, op cit.
  14. ‘Sir William Wray’
    From Re-Mit, op cit.
  15. ‘I’ve Seen Them Come’
    From Ersatz GB, op cit.
  16. ‘Weather Report #2’
    From Your Future Our Clutter, op cit.
  17. ‘Dedication’ (live at Electric Brixton, 26th Sept 2014)
    Audience recording

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