Got a live LP document of a live performance featuring Felix Kubin, Scott Haggart and Lary Seven, from late 2009 when the three of them did it in the Issue Project Room in New York. It’s called 1:17 (GAGARIN RECORDS GR2032). Oddly enough there was a concept album of this title from 2008 released on the Glasgow Diskono label, featuring all three of the above alongside Evol, White Daughter, Charlie McAlister, and others. However, I don’t think this is quite the same thing and I have no idea what any of it means; the label page leaves me none the wiser with its cryptic references and strange allusions. Two sides of understated, effervescent bubbling and tweeting which somehow conveys a sense of great fun and humour, while at the same time remaining quite mysterious and solemn. It’s some way from being a continuous “thing”; each short statement feels like a pebble dropped into an electronic fountain, and suspended there. From October 2014.