Divan, Divan…Weisst du wer ich bin


Montreal genius Martin Tétreault does not come our way very often, so it’s nice to savour a solo effort by this significant creator who’s usually associated with turntabling and collage techniques, the latter not just restricted to cutting up tapes, since he also clips up magazines to make visual puzzles for the roving eye. His cassette tape Sofa So Good (TANUKI RECORDS #12) is a highly glorpified admixture of epoxy resin, stale molasses and overlooked fragments of trash found in the streets. “I used to have trouble sleeping,” admits Tétreault from the confines of his cosy apartment, “until I bought a fine new sofa from Style Labo, in Rue Saint-Laurent. Now I just curl up on that French-Provençal styled beauty and I’m out like a light. I have all my best musical ideas when I’m on that sofa.” Clearly, the oneiric process has served him well on this occasion, and the processed organ drones, uncertain percussive effects, and general air of mistiness on this 33-minute episode is not something you encounter in the realms of the everyday. His throwaway sleeve-note, “Rèvé A Montréal entre 2010 et 2014” confirms the above. The B-side of the tape is blank; label owner of Tanuki Records is particularly keen that the listener should use this blank canvas to record their own piece, and submit it to him. He even provides an email to assist in this purpose. From 15 April 2015.

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