Speeding Light


Another rich fest of plasticine stew dark colour-noise from Pas Musique, the Brooklyn art-funk quartet led by Robert L. Pepper. Inside The Spectrum (ALREALON MUSIQUE ALRN061) is enriched with ideas, concepts and musings inspired by philosophy and space travel – and right there, the knowing listener assumes they’re going to be short-changed by some half-baked reinterpretations of the Sun Ra Arkestra and Alton Abraham’s Enterplanetary Konkepts. On the contrary, Pas Musique’s notion of space travel is to present it as a rather painful and awkward experience, where the astronaut is constantly aware of his own body mass cramped inside a tight spacesuit, and the physical experiences suggested by titles like ‘Molecular Vibration’ or ‘Cerebral Vacuum’ do not bode well for the holiday-making voyager to Venus. As ever, the complex fugs of music produced by the band are interspersed with appropriate vocal samples, all of them conveying the space-travel and omniverse theme and apparently taken from radio shows that might be the equivalent of Scientific American magazine in sound. As to the philosophy elements, I’m not entirely sure where they’re buried in the overloaded aural mix, but it’s possible that through the process of osmosis, I now will be equipped to manage deeper thinking in my daily routine, just through the act of listening. The package is a landscape format full colour art-book, the size of a large postcard, decorated with video grabs from the work of Jim Tuite, who screens his video art at Pas Musique gigs. I’ve never seen one, but I’d imagine the total effect of such a son et lumière experience would be quite intoxicating. From April 2015.


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