Kuoltuu Kaikin Kohetah: in a world full of BM fusions, the original music still delivers fast-n-furious aggression

Scolopendra Cingulata, Kuoltuu Kaikin Kohetah, Russia, Narcoleptica Prod., EP CD / cassette (2015)

In a world awash with BM fusions ranging from blackgaze to BM psychedelic to black’n’roll, sometimes it’s just nice to know there are bands that play nuthin’ but black metal and black metal only. Even if we do have to fly to Kazakhstan – the real Kazakhstan, not some invention of a forgettable has-been British comedian mocking¬†his audiences’ ignorance – to find them. Enter from stage left (from my Southern Hemisphere point of view looking north) Scolopendra Cingulata with their EP “Kuoltuu Kaikin Kohetah” – I hope I said that right. If you want trashy-sounding biscuit-tin drumming, squealy guitars going hell for leather and snarling vocals and nothing more – no atmosphere, no quality production – you’ve come to the right band and the right recording.

From start to finish, these guys are full-tilt fast-n-furious with loads of aggression and hate, burning through their instruments until all they have left at the end of each song is little piles of smouldering ash and bits of scrap metal curling up at the corners. The musicians only bring in the quiet bits of acoustic or orchestral music, original though they may be, to stop your speakers from melting. The whiny chainsaw guitars and grinding bass wheeze their way through the brain cells leaving plasma carnage and metabolic meltdowns in their wake. While the first three songs are fairly straightforward in genre, the fourth song incorporates more melodic hard rock and folk elements, like extended lead guitar solos, in its rhythms and melodies.

At the same time, these fellers don’t just drag-race their way through the space between your ears, they fill it up with some great riffs and melodies, some of the filthiest demon singing and multi-voiced devil choirs you’ll be unlucky to encounter, and a real feeling of malevolence and venomous evil. As the EP continues, the sound becomes more and more inhuman, steely, machine-like and deranged.

This is good old school raw BM that deserves a hearing at least once … and maybe you’ll keep coming back for more …

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