Tellavision is Fee Kürten, a very talented 20-something German performer who we last noted in 2014 with her excellent Music On Canvas LP (from Feeding Tube Records). On The Third Eye (KARL RECORDS KR031), she’s continuing to flaunt her unique style of fractured, mannered vocalising with cranky analogue synths and erratic beats, doing so with even more assurance and sass than before. The press note would like us to note her “post-punk” stylings, which probably refers to the minimal DIY qualities of her perfectly simple songs, but to my ears there’s elements of a warpoid R’n’B sensibility creeping in to some these ditties too. Her slightly mean, streetwise songs are delivered with the faint trace of a sneer and a bemused alienation, while the lyrics and titles indicate a highly ambiguous relationship to virtually everything in the world, be it friendship, entertainment, or modern city life. Mind you, it’s not always easy to tell what’s afoot in her noggin with some of her brain-scrambling titles and lyrics here. The vinyl edition splits into two discrete sides, titled Cryptic Snash Man? and Ease Tikky Tab, each portraying a particular aspect of her skewed world-view. There’s no doubt that her performance, her sound, indeed her entire stance, are highly contrived, and this projects a faint layer of “cleverness” which apparently puts off some sections of the audience, but I am confident you, reader, do not belong with that faction and that you will investigate her work. From 14 September 2015.

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  1. I really digged your text but the ending is kinda…, how shell I say,…easy. Abour the lyrics, this I just read in an interview with her: “The Name Tellavision is about exchange, ‘tell me your vision.’ It’s about different angles of sight. You can also see it in the lyrics which strongly shift in perspective. …”.

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