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Though active since 1999 or earlier, Thomas Weber’s unique project Kammerflimmer Kollektief is a relatively new thing on our radar, and it’s only recently we’ve been sent a copy of 2015’s overwhelming album Désarroi (although we did briefly note their Teufelskamin in 2011). It used to be Weber’s solo project, but his appetite for genre-bending mashups and his passionate desire to explore multiple genres of music (most notably electronica and free jazz) has led to him recruiting other similarly driven musicians from around Germany. A recent manifestation is The Schwarzenbach, where the band have joined forces with the author and journalist Dietmer Dath to create Nicht Sterben. Aufpassen (STABUGOLD 142). Members of Kammerflimmer Kollektief play awkward musical backdrops with synths, keyboards, bass and guitar, which are frameworks for the sung and spoken-word texts of Dath. The words are mostly in German, but the project draws inspiration from the works of Annemarie order kamagra uk Schwarzenbach (the Swiss lesbian photographer, author and traveller) 1, and the recurring themes which I’m able to discern are to do with sexual politics and the hypocrisy of society. Certainly the vocals – delivered by Dath with help from Heikie Aumuller – won’t let the listener off the hook, and you’ll feel cornered right from the start of this album, with little room for manoeuvre as you’re confronted by his hectoring tones. The music itself has at least two modes of potential interest – a sort of scuzzy electropop which is like a toned-down D.A.F., and a sarcastic easy-listening pastiche which is one step away from synth and drum-machine karaoke. I don’t know where to put myself. From September 2015.

  1. Schwarzenbach’s interesting life is bound to appeal to lovers of doomed romantics, a tale involving drugs, suicide attempts, glamour, and a tragic early death.

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