Janet and John

On John, Betty and Stella (MONOTYPE RECORDS monoLP017) the duo of Krojc and Fischerle have built an album around found spoken-word samples, all of them sourced from a collection of English language learning tapes. The duo were presumably quite attracted to the mannered, stagey delivery of the actors on these tapes, as they mouth banal phrases in their plummy accents which, removed from context this way, instantly become cod-surreal vignettes of everyday life. To these elements Krojc and Fischerle add their slightly eccentric electronic bleeps and weedy Techno beats. It is meant to be funny, but the single joke wears thin very quickly, and I can’t discern any traces of the “radio drama” which the creators apparently intended. As I listen I can’t help but think that this has been done before, and much better, by People Like Us – whose carefully woven juxtapositions are far livelier and much more subversive than this slightly sarcastic and wearisome melange. The duo, Jacob Pokorski and Mateusz Wysocki, are both Polish musicians with many aliases, and have assorted backgrounds in sound installation, remixes, and collaborations with other electronica types. From September 2015.

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