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Destruction Des Animaux Nuisibles #2

In October 2013, we endured – and survived – a record called Destruction Des Animaux Nuisibles #1 issued on cassette and comprising a macabre feast of electronic noise-spew tempered with live vocalising. Miguel A. García, Marta Sainz and Enrique Zaccagnini were the three Spanish musicians responsible for this nightmarish construction with its cover art showcasing ten dead rats.

Now we have the follow-up CD Destruction Des Animaux Nuisibles #2 (ALTERACION ALT02) which continues the story, quite literally in fact as it starts with ‘Destruction 3’ (carrying on from side two of the cassette release) and ploughs, without remorse, down the endoomed pathway which takes us all the way to ‘Destruction 17’. In this way, the listener suffers a painful fate enacted in short two or three-minute chunks of delightful torture.

I like almost everything done by Miguel A. García, but this threesome project is one of his more successful experiments. It’s not a relentless attack-wall of harsh noise, where the moat which we must swim is filled with sea monsters and cannonballs are flying every which way, rather a sustained and dangerous purr of menace, thickly laced with dense poisonous clouds of hate. Zaccagnini and García provide this carpet of electronic noise (soft underfoot, yet liable to turn into a bed of sea urchins at any moment), while Marta Sainz issues uncanny, dream-like vocalising effects; she’s not a screamer like Junko, rather a doomed angel who squeaks and whimpers in a touching, helpless fashion. The production tends to obscure and distort her wistful contributions, making them even more remote and strange.

The total effect is mesmerising, and one leaves Destruction Des Animaux Nuisibles #2 with a sense that one is leaving behind an alien world, unsure whether it’s benign or threatening, not knowing or understanding what we have experienced. I’d like to hear more of Marta Sainz’s work, but I find she’s not too prolific – there’s a cassette by Marrahs from 2014 which I’ll probably never see, and last year she appeared on a project by Black Earth which looks like it’s slightly more in the way of a conventional band, with guitars basses and drums…she’s also a member of Nebelmeer, with David Area. Enrique Zaccagnini is even more obscure, and apparently only appears as part of this unit. Very fine. And what an unforgettable decapitation / harakiri cover, too, drawn by Daisuke Ichiba. From 2nd October 2015.

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