Long Overdue Part 14

Yol is a great performer of ugly English noise. His Cordless Drill Faces Separation Anxiety CDR (NO LABEL) was released in 2013. We noted him before with the cassette Neck Vs. Throat Volume 2 released on Fencing Flatworm, where he teamed up with the guitarist Miguel Perez. On Cordless Drill, we have seven short tracks of manic energy where Yol grunts and howls like a half-human pig, aiming to make contact with his feral self. There is also much banging about of tea-tray percussion and makeshift drums, creating an unpleasant rattling which brings the old cliché about “bull in a china shop” to mind.

You want music? Well, on ‘Eco’ he does play a toy chord organ (probably an old 1970s Rosedale) and forms mangled chords to accompany his incoherent spoutings. Plus there’s use of lo-fi and distorted backing tapes on ‘Rain Gutter’ which are strangely evocative. You may even make out some audible English words on ‘Short Horses’ in between the attempts at forced vomiting and strangled gasping, and he yells out these broken phrases in a desperate manner as though his life depended on it. It’s like he was a political prisoner undergoing torture, and trying to save his hide by reciting absurd blank verse to his captors.

For all his efforts at primitivism, there’s evidently a deal of rough-hewn sophistication at work behind the scenes, like a Neanderthal man wandering into a recording studio and gradually teaching himself how to generate musique concrète using a stone axe and leather hides. This Hull fellow has made a couple of records with Filthy Turd, our favourite Yorkshire genius of disgusting and stinky supernatural racket, and the two may share some common ground. Great work Yol.

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