Flat Ice

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 20th January 2017

  1. Soft Grid, ‘Herzog On A Bus’
    From Corolla, GERMANY ANTIME #18 LP (2016)
  2. Raphael Malfliet, ‘My Name’
    From Noumenon, USA RUWEH RECORDS 003 CD (2016)
  3. Henry Kaiser / Alan Licht, ‘Where Are They Now?’
    From Skip To The Solo, USA PUBLIC EYESORE 135 CD (2016)
  4. EKL, ‘Lola’
    From Dolores, SWITZERLAND VETO RECORDS 017 CD (2016)
  5. Peter Aaron / Brian Chase Duo, ‘Swirl’
    From Purges, USA PUBLIC EYESORE 134 CD (2016)
  6. Biliana Voutchkova, ‘Modus Of Raw’
  7. Emerge, ‘Flight I’
    From Hiding Place, RUSSIA FROZEN LIGHT FZL 036 CD (2016)
  8. Christopher Chaplin, ‘The Enigma (Reprise)’
    From Je Suis Le Ténébreux, AUSTRIA FABRIQUE RECORDS FAB58CD CD (2016)
  9. Helen White, ‘Action Region 9077 X5.7-Class Flare’
    From Solar Wind Chime, UK EVERY CONTACT LEAVES A TRACE CDR (2016)
  10. Ensemble neoN, ‘Kunsten Å Tvile 2’
    Composed by Julian Skar
    From neoN, NORWAY AURORA MUSIC ACD084 CD (2016)
  11. Isasa, ‘Ribera Del Manzanares’
    From Los Días, SPAIN LA CASTANYA LC47 CD (2016)
  12. Stephen Cornford & Ben Gwilliam, (Track 4)
    From On Taking Things Apart, USA WINDS MEASURE RECORDINGS 46 CDR (2016)

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