Subliminal Clutter

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 7th April 2017

  1. PeeEssEye & Talibam!, ‘Everything For Everyone’
    From PeeEssEye & Talibam!, AUSTRALIA INVADA RECORDS INV83CD CD (2010)
  2. Ducktails, ‘Let’s Rock The Beach’
    From Backyard, SWEDEN RELEASE THE BATS #48 CD (2009)
  3. Bird Names, ‘Metabolism’
    From Metabolism: A Salute To The Energy Of The Sun, USA NORTHERN SPY NSCD 006 CD (2011)
  4. Ava Mendoza, ‘Shadowtrapping’
    From Shadow Stories, USA RESIPISCENT RSPT037 CD (2010)
  5. Colin L. Orchestra, ‘Dreams My Only Friend’
    From Infinite Ease / Good God, USA NORTHERN SPY NSCD 005 2 x CD (2011)
  6. Bruce Gilbert, ‘Isopyre’
    From Oblivio Agitatum, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO eMEGO 096 CD (2009)
  7. UnicäZurn, ‘Nautilus’
    From Temporal Bends, UK UZU MUSIC UZ01 CD (2009)
  8. John Butcher, ‘Atelier’
    From Invisible Ear, UK WEIGHT OF WAX WOW 03 CD (2010)
  9. Wooden Veil, ‘Yingliss’
    From Wooden Veil, GERMANY DEKORDER 035 CD (2009)
  10. People Like Us & Wobbly, ‘Pain’
    From Music For The Fire, USA ILLEGAL ART IA121 CD (2010)
  11. Wet Hair, ‘Ordinary Lives’
    From Dream, SWEDEN RELEASE THE BATS #47 CD (2009)
  12. Gen Ken Montgomery, ‘Subliminal Clutter, Part 1’
    From Birds + Machines, USA POGUS PRODUCTIONS P21055-2 CD (2010)
  13. Noetinger / Doneda / eRikm, ‘Nervures’
    From Dos D’Ânes, FRANCE RONDA rnd12 CD (2009)
  14. Noveller, ‘Tunnels’
    From Red Rainbows, USA NO FUN PRODUCTIONS NFP-50 CD (2009)

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