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Greg Godwin hasn’t made a record under his Aut alias since 2014, when we heard the last part of his Heterodoxies mini-series of CDRs. Today we have LF RECORDS LF059, simply called Aut and packaged with a grey image of a grim building aspect on the cover. Judging by the neon sign this is his new HQ, or at least alludes to the multi-national ambitions of this micro-label which he runs. “Pulse and thud, troubled loop technologies held up with groggy anticipation,” is how Aut himself describes this release. “A kind of sickness music, separated from the social mass,” he continues, confirming his pessimistic outlook on society, an affliction so deep that he must express it in musical form.

It’s certainly one of his more primitive efforts, if you’re looking for advanced technique in noise generation; a lot of the tracks amount to just two very simple sound elements, rubbed together until they burst into flame. They don’t always, but generating the friction is the action that counts. I’m certainly digging the morbid, sullen tone of these drab experiments, and like things even more when the experiment threatens to get out of control, growing into a state of inchoate monstrosity and reaching the tipping-point where it explodes into a deadly gas or becomes a giant iron meteor, ready to assail the world from outer space. Aut hopes to get himself to this coveted position by pushing each track along with a combination of repetition, distortion, and sheer persistence; if one hammer blow to the skull doesn’t do you in, the next 38 blows will finish the job.

Along the way he uses his track titles to allude to machines, systems, agencies that might attract or repel him for the efficient but remorseless way in which they operate in today’s loveless world, sucking the very air out of our lungs while purporting to provide a useful service. For instance, the ‘Oscillating Hydrogen Multiplexer’ and ‘External Air Maintenance’, the latter a prime example of how industrial air systems can eventually be regarded as techno trance music in its most advanced state of mutation. There’s also ‘DDOS on Home System’, a reference to a common nightmare afflicting all of us who go on the web these days, a denial-of-service attack perhaps involving deletion of data, ransomware, or worse. You can sense that Aut has a sneaking admiration for the systems and criminals who do this, even while he is criticising them in sound. From 17 July 2017.

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