Suffer Here

Echoes Of Yul last came our way with the solo LP The Healing, which we noted in 2016 as “disappointing Polish murk”. Apparently he had more music than he could use for the finished album, so the offcuts, first drafts, and out-takes have now been issued as The Healing Sessions (ZOHARUM ZOHAR 143-2). The label would have us believe this is in response to popular demand; a cassette version of these out-takes circulated among collectors, and sold out very quickly, hence this CD reissue. I’m still struggling with the heavy-handed playing style of Michal Sliwa, the incoherence of his compositions and arrangements, and the general paucity of original ideas. There seems to be few styles that he won’t copy, or at least attempt to copy, in his search for content and a direction he can call his own; particularly regrettable is his flirtation with dub music, or what passes for same. In its favour, there’s a lot to be said for making an entire album by multitracking yourself, although there is a little help with live drumming from Peter Smith on two tracks. Some listeners may enjoy the gloomy mood which prevails, and the unbalanced bass-heavy mixing will do much to contribute to the oppressive state of mind. I personally can’t deal with his lack of finesse, his inability to syncopate, and the uncertain sketchy tunes on offer. From 20 July 2017.

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