Architectural Moans

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 27th April 2018

  1. Kotra, ‘Acid Walk On A Boiling Tar’
    From Freigeist, AUSTRIA KVITNU 56 CD (2017)
  2. dsic, (Track 03)
    From Entropy, UK LF RECORDS LF064 CDR (2107)
  3. Stuart Chalmers, ‘Dark Cosmos’
    From Fata Morgana, UK NO LABEL CDR (2017)
  4. Cut Worms, ‘Ape Digger’
    From Cable Wounds, OPA LOKA RECORDS OL1707 CD (2017)
  5. Anton Mobin, Kris Limbach & Pierce Warnecke, ‘Sleep XT’
  6. Mouth Worker, ‘Architectural Moan’
    From Tomb Mystery, UK LF RECORDS LF063 CDR (2107)
  7. Katharina Klement, (Track 04)
    From Textur, AUSTRIA KALK CD 03 (1998)
  8. Katharina Klement, ‘Miniatur 5’
    From 13 Miniaturen, AUSTRIA KALK CD 01 (1996)
  9. Christian Rønn, ‘Broken Air’
    From Broken Air, DENMARK INSULA MUSIC noncr02 / FLINC MUSIC cr02 LP (2017)
  10. Gigaldi, ‘Winter’
    From Das Ganze Doppelalbum, AUSTRIA INTERSTELLAR RECORDS INT044 2 x LP (2017)

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