Within Constraints

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 11th May 2018

  1. Heal, ‘Numéro D’Étape’
    From Espace D’incertitude, FRANCE SOUND ON PROBATION LP SOP 017 (2017)
  2. Oker, ‘Kortbølge’
    From Husene Våre Er Museer, NORWAY SOFA MUSIC SOFA564 CD (2018)
  3. Ghost Flute & Dice, ‘Keiser Of Kina’
    From Kropsbygning, DENMARK MIKA-C CD (2018)
  4. Internal Cold, ‘Hate (The Endless Pain Of Fucking Existence)’
    From No Reason To Stay, RUSSIA COLD BREATH OF SILENCE CBS032 CD (2017)
  5. Lauri Hyvarinen, excerpt from Trukki, FINLAND ART FIRST RECORDS AF017 CDR (2017)
  6. Jozef Dumoulin / Orca Noise Unit, ‘The Hand’
    From A Beginner’s Guide To Diving And Flying, FRANCE YOLK MUSIC YOLK J2072 CD (2017)
  7. Muddersten, ‘Private Pleasure 1’
    From Playmates, NORWAY SOFA MUSIC SOFA565 CD (2018)
  8. Plasticglomerate, ‘Storms’
    From Virtual Vacation, UK LINEAR OBSESSIONAL RECORDS LOR93 CDR (2017)
  9. boringcharlie, ‘blizzard’
    From Virtual Vacation, op.cit.
  10. The Nazgûl, ‘Mount Doom’
    From The Nazgûl, SPAIN MENTAL EXPERIENCE MENT016CD (2017)
  11. Para, ‘Kanís Den Íxere Pou Pái’
    From Paraphon, AUSTRIA FREIFELD TONTRAEGER #025 CD (2017)
  12. James O’Sullivan, ‘Concert’
  13. Spyros Polychronopoulos, excerpt from Live Electronic Music, AUSTRALIA ROOM40 EDRM425 (2017)

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