Three from LA, one from Houston

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 6th July 2018

  1. The Flesh Eaters, ‘The Wedding Dice’
  2. Pain Teens, ‘Living Hell’
  3. The Flesh Eaters, ‘Hand Of Glory’
  4. Saccharine Trust, ‘A Human Certainty’
  5. Pain Teens, ‘Daughter Of Chaos’
  6. The Flesh Eaters, ‘Crazy Boy’
  7. Saccharine Trust, ‘Fred Presented Himself To Joseph’
  8. Saccharine Trust, ‘On The Verge Of Finding’
  9. Pain Teens, ‘A Continuing Nightmare’
  10. Pain Teens, ‘The Freezing Wind’
  11. Saccharine Trust, ‘We Became Snakes’
  12. The Flesh Eaters, ‘Pray ‘Til You Sweat’
  13. Universal Congress Of, ‘All Your Love’
  14. Pain Teens, ‘The Dead Cannot’
  15. Pain Teens, ‘The Unnamable’
  16. Saccharine Trust, ‘Effort To Waste’
  17. Saccharine Trust, ‘Merciful Mother’
  18. The Flesh Eaters, ‘Police Gun Jitters’
  19. Pain Teens, ‘Brown Jenkin’
  20. The Flesh Eaters, ‘Satan’s Stomp’
  21. Universal Congress Of, ‘Law Years’
  22. The Flesh Eaters, ‘See You In The Boneyard’
  23. Saccharine Trust, ‘I Am Right’

1, 3 from Forever Came Today
2, 5, 14 from Stimulation Festival
4, 16, 23 from Paganicons
6, 18 from No Questions Asked
7, 8, 17 from Worldbroken
9, 10, 15, 19 from Pain Teens
11 from We Became Snakes
12, 20, 22 from A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die
13, 21 from This Is Mecolodics

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