Inhale The Air

Hey Exit is Brendan Landis from Brookyln, NYC. His Inhale EP is a collection of seven original songs and tunes performed with guitar, vocals, and effects; he likes to overdub to create a dreamy heat-haze effect, everything is performed with near-painful slowness, and it emerges as very introverted and shy music (he would prefer to call it “honesty”). However, his melodies are not unpleasant, and at best he does achieve a certain kind of rapturous delirium through overdubbed chiming flange and simple repetitions. Imagine a much softer version of The Swans or Norman Westerberg, or a much less user-friendly take on Cocteau Twins. He likes to compare himself with Sunn O))), but I’ve not had much success finding the promised “heavy sludge” on this tape. (23/11/2017)

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