The Night Max Wore His Wolf Suit

Modern Wolfskind from the Netherlands is in fact Arjen Roffel and Twee-eiige Eenling is his second release under this name. The 10 pieces all have titles printed in Dutch, Icelandic, and German, but Arjen helpfully included a cribsheet with translations. When you read titles such as ‘Lone Wolf’, ‘Dragon’, ‘The Emptiness’ and ‘Liquid Flowers’, then you’ll appreciate we’re dealing with a pretty singular mind with a surreal imagination and a penchant for solitude (and perhaps the odd Sword & Sorcery book).

Though his work is improvised, he’s aiming for a type of sound-art rather than music, and each short piece here is an exercise in the creation of strange, abstract noise and textures. He’d like the listener to be both enchanted and distressed, as he layers hints of darkness and terror into his unusual constructions. I have no idea how this has been generated, but we’ll award him extra bonus points for innovation and ingenuity with his sounds, which are certainly quite unlike the workaday digital-ambient-drone material that it seems so easy to create for so many others. This suggests Arjen is something of a hand-crafter and lone inventor; I’d like to picture him at work in a laboratory, concocting aural experiments, and if half of his equipment isn’t made from reclaimed wooden furniture and old ropes and sacks of flour, I’ll be very disappointed. That said, amplification, electronics and synths come into the business at some point.

I would recommend you at least hear some of what he does, because even if his experiments aren’t always successful, at least he is trying very hard to be different and to find his own authorial voice. Arjen’s performing name translates as Modern Wild Child; and while this may lead you to expect a cross between Iggy Pop and Lemmy, he’s probably closer to the feral adolescent depicted in Les 400 Coups, a haunted and misunderstood individual. (16/11/2017)

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