From The Long Boxes II

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 20th July 2018

  1. Ralph Lundsten and Neurobash, ‘Constructing Tomorrow’
    From The Naked Moon And The Virgin Sun, SCANDINAVIA ACD 53 CD (2008)
  2. MV Carbon, ‘Sidewalk Scrape’
    From Dislodged Perihelion, USA ECSTASTIC PEACE! E#1106 LP (2011)
  3. Kayaka, ‘Cows On A River’
    From Silvestre, RUSSIAN OSTROGA OTR-025 CDR (2012)
  4. Liz Allbee, ‘Palsied Grace’
    From Quarry Tones, USA RESIPISCENT RSPT001 CD (2005)
  5. RM74, ‘Exaudi!’
    From Fireproof In 8 Parts, SWITZERLAND HINTERZIMMER hint02 CD (2007)
  6. Hammerschmidt, ‘Orchids Know Better’
  7. Theologian, ‘Bed Of Maggots’
    From The Chasms Of My Heart, USA CRUCIAL BLAST CBR98 CD (2012)
  8. Ultra Milkmaids, ‘Nantig Spiel (1)’
    From Nan Tikum Remixes, POLAND IGNIS DI 012 CD (2002)
  9. Tetrix, ‘Song For Zula’
    From Tetrix 14, CANADA NO LABEL CDR (2016)
  10. HamaYĆ“ko, ‘8pm’
    From HamaYĆ“ko 4/29, UK ENTR’ACTE E48 CD (2007)
  11. Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, ‘When She’s Gone’
    From Dread, SWEDEN WHEN SKIES ARE GREY WSAG #17 CDR (2008)
  12. Z’EV, (Track 01)
    From Outwaard, NETHERLANDS KORM PLASTICS KP 3031 CD (2008)
  13. Ones / Hands, excerpt from 1997-2005, USA WHITE TAPES CDR (2005)
  14. Joe Frawley, ‘Sunday (Recurrences)’
    From A Week Of Fevers, USA JOE FRAWLEY MUSIC JFM-CD14 CDR (2015)

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