Progressive Rock X

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 14th September 2018

    1. Hate, ‘Corridors’
      From Hate Kills (1970)
    2. Jody Grind, ‘Night Today’
      From One Step On (1969)
    3. Flight, ‘Music Is’
      From Incredible Journey (1976)
    4. Fusion Orchestra, ‘Skeleton In Armour’
      From Skeleton In Armour (1973)
    5. Refugee, ‘Papillon’
      From Refugee (1974)
    6. Starcastle, ‘Forces’
      From Starcastle (1976)
    7. Nektar, ‘Cast Your Fate’
      From Sounds Like This… (1973)
    8. Mogul Thrash, ‘Elegy’
      From Mogul Thrash (1971)
    9. Gracious!, ‘Introduction’
      From Gracious! (1970)
    10. Talix, ‘Spuren’
      From Spuren (1971)
    11. Kraan, ‘Andy Nogger – Gutter King’
      From Kraan Live (1975)
    12. Nicholas Greenwood, ‘A Sea Of Holy Pleasure’
      From Cold Cuts (1972)
    13. Odin, ‘Life Is Only’ (fade)
      From Odin (1972)
    14. Parlour Band, ‘Evening’
      From Is A Friend? (1972)

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