Catalogue The Bits

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 5th July 2019

  1. Maps And Diagrams, Chiba’
  2. Yair Etziony, ‘Throbbing Coldness’
    From Ingress, ISRAEL FALSE INDUSTRIES 025 (2019)
  3. Robert Worby, ‘Night, Without Edges Or face’
    From Factitious Airs (Electronic Music), UK PERSISTENCE OF SOUND PS002 LP (2019)
  4. The London Sound Survey, ‘Tower Bridge: South Bascule Chamber’
    From Thames, UK PERSISTENCE OF SOUND PS003 LP (2019)
  5. Robert Worby, ‘To Come Speedy Upon Them’
    From Factitious Airs, op. cit.
  6. Anthony Pateras, ‘A Happy Sacrifice’
    From Collected Works Vol. II (2005-2018), AUSTRALIA IMMEDIATA IMM015 5 x CD (2019)
  7. Celer, ‘Rains Lit By Neon’
    From Xièxie, JAPAN TWO ACORNS 2A15 2 x CD (2019)
  8. Iain Chambers, ‘The Eccentric Press’
    From The Eccentric Press, UK PERSISTENCE OF SOUND PS001 LP (2019)
  9. Michel Guillet, ‘Breakthrough 3’
    From Through The Walls 2, FRANCE ING-ON 06 CDR (2019)

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