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On Couleurs Chimériques (BECOQ RECORDS 32 / CARTON RECORDS), the duo of Rodolphe Loubatière and Pierce Warnecke get into some fairly filthy grooves of noisy abstract rattlesome scrunch and blockery, using just a snare drum and a laptop for that winning combination of percussion and electronic squoon. We don’t seem to have heard from French drummer Loubatière since he turned in the Nervure record in 2012 with guitarist Olivier Dumont, but evidently we weren’t too impressed with his rather rigid approach to the scrape of the old membrane. He’s loosened up a bit since then and on the strength of this outing is now able to hurl himself downstairs while carrying eight trays of crockery with as much aplomb as any circus tumbler.

Meanwhile, Warnecke is one I associate with the Berlin label Emitter Micro, and their 2018 emission of strange electric murmurs (called AKP) is lodged in the cake-icing of respect for many. On this Chimériques outing, Warnecke sometimes does the angry-outburst noise thing mainly so he can heard above the Frenchman’s rattling, but what’s more intriguing is when he enters the snow-bound zones and cools his jets for a fog-based take-off at 4AM, creating enigmatic fields of non-specific humming and hemming that are much more resilient than they might appear in their nebulous form. There are some good moments of sparky fight-fest gibbering taking place between these two, but equally a lot of moments lacking in tension altogether, when it’s not quite clear where they think they might be going, and nothing really gets said. It’s not really enough to make up for this lack of rapport by filling every available space with more chattering and more noise. From 17th April 2019.

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