Jazz, Free Jazz and Fusion of the 1970s

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 8th November 2019

  1. Sam Rivers, ‘Torch’
    From Waves (1979)
  2. John Carter and Bobby Bradford, ‘The Sunday Afternoon Jazz Blues Society’
    From Self Determination Music (1970)
  3. Harold McNair, ‘True Love Adventure’
    From The Fence (1970)
  4. Cecil McBee, ‘Life Waves’
    From Mutima (1974)
  5. Marcello Melis, ‘Second House’
    From The New Village On The Left (1977)
  6. Muntu Ensemble, ‘Flight (From The Yellow Dog)
    From First Feeding (1977)
  7. Dollar Brand, ‘All Day And All Night Long’
    From Underground In Africa (1974)
  8. Marcus / Vitous / Sharrock / Humair, ‘Mr Sheets At Night’
    From Green Line (1970)
  9. Ted Curson, ‘L.S.D. Takes A Holiday’
    From Pop Wine (1971)
  10. John Carter and Bobby Bradford with Horace Tapscott, ‘Abstractions For Three Lovers’
    From West Coast Hot (1969)
  11. Jackie McLean, ‘Frankenstein’
    From One Step Beyond (1964)

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