Kitchen Music: easy-going folk experimental jazz soundtrack to a laidback and pleasant day

Adrian Løseth Waade, Kitchen Music, Norway, Nakama Records, CD / vinyl (2019)

Surely dedicated to those who are still doing time in the kitchen at parties, Norwegian jazz player Adrian Løseth Waade’s debut solo album “Kitchen Music” is a friendly and intimate, if sometimes melancholy, excursion in free experimental improv jazz. For this record, ALW roped in three of his pals in the experimental jazz scene to play guitar, double bass and drums in six tracks he composed himself, with his violin taking centre stage most of the time. The result is a session of pleasant folky-sounding improv jazz that mirrors a relaxing day away from the pressures of work and life, as suggested by the track titles and the way in which they are arranged, starting with “Voyager” and the title track, continuing with “Morning Routine” and later ending with “Indoor Life” with its intimation of quiet time with coffee, cigarettes and convivial conversation. The music might not be experimental music so cutting-edge that you end up dying from a thousand cuts caused by handling the disc or the vinyl record but at least it’s easy on the ear, uncomplicated and pure in sound and production, sympathetic to people’s feelings about the humdrum routines of everyday life, and offers an easy-going outlet for the petty frustrations that inevitably accumulate. A fitting soundtrack for those who still have yet to make their way out from the kitchen onto the dance-floor and into the spotlight under the rotating silver ball.

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