Dreams of a Planet, Woke at 5 AM

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 6th December 2019

  1. Crème De Hassan, ‘Voodootronix’
    From Tricontinental Circus, UK INVERSIONS INV006 LP (2019)
  2. Laura Agnusdei, ‘Lungs Dance’
    From Laurisilva, UK THE WORMHOLE WHO#17 LP (2019)
  3. Simon Grab, ‘Metanoia’
    From Posthuman Species, SWITZERLAND -OUS OUS025 LP (2019)
  4. Alex McKechnie, ‘Whirligig’
    From Degrees Of Latitude, 1471877 RECORDS DK 0001 CD (2019)
  5. Venta Protesix, ‘Autoerotic Practices Originated From Boredom’
    From Loneliness And Deviancy, SLOVAKIA URBSOUNDS URB046 LP (2019)
  6. Martin Archer, ‘Why So?’
    From Anthropology Band, UK DISCUS MUSIC DISCUS90CD 2 x CD (2019)
  7. MME Duo, ‘RZCK’
    From awholerunboom, GERMANY MAKIPHON 006 2 x 12″ VINYL (2019)
  8. Land Of Kush, ‘Broken Maqama’
  9. Paul Khimasia Morgan, ‘Coastal Fulmar’
    From Hazeblaze / Coastal Fumar, UK SLIGHTLY OFF KILTER sok075 7″ LATHE (2019)
  10. Still Und Dunkel, ‘Remote’
    From Abandoned, SWITZERLAND HALLOW GROUND HG1906 2 x LP (2019)
  11. Gabriele Mitelli, ‘The Fisherman’s Prayer’
    From The World Behind The Skin, ITALY WE INSIST! RECORDS LPWEIN07 CD (2019)
  12. heArt Ensemble, ‘Day Dream’
    From Oréade, CANADA SMALL SCALE MUSIC SSM-021 CD (2019)
  13. Roland Bucher, ‘Praeciupa’
    From Viaje, SWITZERLAND HALLOW GROUND HG1905 LP (2019)
  14. Daimon, ‘The Shaman’s Foghorn’
    From Remedies For A Foggy Day, NETHERLANDS NORWEGIANISM RECORDS NOR023 CD (2019)

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