Upside-Down Box

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 22nd May 2020

  1. Vomit Fist, ‘Single-minded Annihilation’
    From Omnicide, DENMARK JVTLANDT JVT0019 CD (2019)
  2. Keith Seatman, ‘A Child, The Hare, and the Old Wooden Chair’
    From Disjointed Oddities and Other Such Things EP, UK K.S. AUDIO ksa 007 CD (2018)
  3. Zea + Oscar Jan Hoogland, ‘You’re Dead’
  4. Tim Holehouse, ‘Peter and His Experimental Sonic Machines’
    From Weird Harvest, UK WEIRD GARDEN WG001 CD (2020)
  5. Experimental Sonic Machines, ‘The EAC + One’
    From Weird Harvest, op. cit.
  6. Expo70, ‘Mother Universe Has Birthed Her Last Cosmos’ (extract)
    From Mother Universe Has Birthed Her Last Cosmos, POLAND ZOHARUM ZOHAR 162-2 2 X CD (2018)
  7. Dave Phillips, ‘Metamorphosis (For Jerry Goldsmith)’
    From Post Homo Sapiens, GERMANY ATTENUATION CIRCUIT ACU 1017 CD (2019)
  8. Kaleidophon, ‘Message From Another Star’
    From Dulcet Business News, UK THE SLIGHTLY OFF KILTER LABEL sok080 CDR (2019)
  9. Philip Zoubek, Ivann Cruz, Marcin Witkowski, ‘Lithium’
    From Radium, FRANCE CIRCUM-DISC / HELIX LX015 CD (2019)
  10. Radical Polish Ansambl, ‘Tiers Monde’
    From Radical Polish Ansambl, POLAND BOLT RECORDS / UNZIPPED FLY RECORDS RP01 CD (2019)
  11. William St Hugh, ‘Forged Machine’
    From Weasels Devour The Sun, USA WSH 003 CD (2020)
  12. Viv Corringham:
    ‘Track 12, 6pm’
    ‘Track 14, 8 pm’
    ‘Track 16, 10 pm’
    From On The Hour In The Woods, IRELAND FARPOINT RECORDS fp068 CD (2019)

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