Lithodytes Lineatus and other species

French sound recording genius Thomas Tilly here with Codex Amphibia (Phonotaxis) (APOSIOPÈSE APO 15), a set of field recordings of frogs. Tilly has proven himself a lover of nature time and again with his subtle and detailed recordings of birds and water beetles, for instance. Today’s record is a direct follow-up to Codex Amphibia (An Interpretation Of The Explosive Breeding Phenomenon) which came out in 2018, and is part of a much larger scientific study involving a number of other experts in the field. Indeed the dense printed booklet, which has daunted me, is more like a peer-reviewed academic paper for a science conference than a set of simple “sleeve notes” – it’s got tables of figures, charts of data, and five pages of citations from works by other authors, along with reams of description. Even the title points to the very specific nature of the project – Simulated chorus attracts conspecific and heterospecific Amazonian explosive breeding frogs. It has taken him four years to collect the recordings used in the finished piece, some of them are presented as processed and some of them raw, and some of them have been combined with electronic music for the CD; the most rewarding of these for me is the closing piece ‘Phonotaxis #3 (Underscored)’, which teems with the near-microscopic sonic detail which this creator has made into one of his signatures. Somewhat alienated by the jargon, I feel unable to comment on the scientific side of this great work, but the CD is a strong piece of very focused audio minimalism, which I take as an indicator of the rigour of his method. Presented in a six-panel digipak with inserts and embossed lettering. From 12 July 2021.

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