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Why Fear the Machiavellian developments?

We pour forth The Sound Projector’s
17th Issue
Published November 2008
172 pages
Cover price £7

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Interviews with:

  • Sharron Kraus – UK songstress. Acoustic singer-songwriter influenced by UK and Appalachian folk music. Associated with ‘dark folk’.
  • Gen Ken Montgomery – the New York City soundart genius describes his brief summer show in London, exhibits his postcard-objects, and reveals a long-standing devotion to the music of Sparks.
  • Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words – mystical Swedish sound-artist Thomas Ekelund, describing his unusual rituals and also contributing some fine collage images.

Floating MonkOther highlights this issue:

  • A free album by mudboy which you can download! That’s right – the first in a series (we hope) of unique TSP-branded internet-only music releases. With each issue of the magazine, a postcard is attached inside. On said postcard is a unique code which constitutes your download voucher. Visit the website link as indicated and you can download the free mudboy album in mp3 format, and thus hear him playing live on the pipe organ. This offer only available to purchasers of TSP 17. Don’t blame us if you don’t have Broadband!
  • Lightmusic. Reviews of DVDs, art-movies, experimental works and visual accompaniments to music and sound. This time including a look at the famous 1970s UK structural-materialist film-maker Guy Sherwin.
  • Guilty Pleasures. In this incisive essay, Harley Richardson dissects the self-deluding thought processes at work behind this London club and CD reissue phenomenon that makes ironic heroes out of Leo Sayer, Paper Lace and Gilbert O’Sullivan.
  • Vinyl Viands continues its survey of the format which was supposed to have died and vanished long ago, yet here we are swarming with enough psychedelic cover art to wallpaper the entirety of Cairo’s museum of the ashcan. Bend your teeth against these blackberry-flavoured Fruit Pastilles!
  • Needless to remark The Sound Projector continues to swear its dark allegiance to the BLACK METAL hordes, with ten pulsating pages of quivering BM reviews penned from the hand of Australian writer Jennifer Hor.
  • American artist Cybele Collins has submitted some excellent drawings this issue. She’s from Rhode Island, the hotbed of creative endeavour that brought us Lightning Bolt, Geoff Mullen, and the Kramer’s Ergot books.
  • Also another interesting page features Australian Surf Music records reissued by a Japanese label. They were all used as soundtracks for little-known and little-seen movies on the art of hanging ten. From the 1960s and 1970s. We call this little section “Tales from the Tube” in honour of a comic book by Rick Griffin (US underground comix artist who also surfed).
  • And there’s some great developments in acoustic folk music, including not only records by Sharron Kraus but also the amazing C. Joynes, Directing Hand, Robbie Basho and Cath & Phil Tyler.

The Secret Magazine that will introduce you to Death!
—————————————————————————–Heh Heh Heh!————————-

Pourquoi? See the writings of Andre Breton on Surrealism. Death sells. The front cover not only uses the word ‘death’, but contains at least one subliminal skull image and a hideous melting face image too. The cover also uses the word ‘free’. These are proven to be the two most successful marketing devices known to the advertising world. We’ll see if this strategy boosts sales. But we also know that intelligent Sound Projector readers are not easy to manipulate.

Your Sound Projector team this ish:
Ed Pinsent, Jennifer Hor, Aaron Robertson, Richard Rees Jones and Harley Richardson.

And here’s a full alphabetical list of artists whose records you will find in the pages of The Sound Projector 17th. Regular readers of the blog will notice that some of these records have already been noted in our ‘new arrivals’ section throughout 2008, but rest assured that the pages of the magazine contain completely new (and more detailed) reviews.

@c, A_Dontigny, a.P.A.t.T., Acolytes Action Squad, Sophie Agnel, Ilyas Ahmed, Ahousen, Lars Åkerlund, Akitsa, Allroh, Altar Of Flies, Oren Ambarchi, Anenzephalia, Antennacle, Apoptose, Maor Appelbaum, Aranos, ARC, Martin Archer, Ascend, Asher – Ubeboet, ASUNA, AUN, Autopsia

Mariska Baars, Bad Statistics, Bill Baird, Marc Baron, Robbie Basho, Bastard Noise, Batchas, Beequeen, Marc Behrens, Justin Bennett, Maurizio Bianchi, Billy Bao, Birchville Cat Motel, The Bird Cage Theater, The Bird Names, Kyrre Björkås, Frédéric Blondy, Blood of the Black Owl, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, “Blue” Gene Tyranny, Bob Downes Open Music, Borg, Alexei Borisov, bran(…)pos, Brekekekexkoaxkoax, Mariola Brillowska, Duncan Bruce, Gavin Bryars, Pia Burnette, Monique Buzzarté

John Cage, Caïna, Camera Lucida, Jodi Cave, Bruno Chevillon, Chic Nerve, The Child Readers, Chop Shop, John Clyde-Evans, Comet III, Contest of Pleasures, Core of the Coalman, Corrupted, Valerio Cosi, Anla Courtis, Attila Csihar, Cucumber Farmer, Cultural Amnesia, Curia, Alvin Curran

Darsombra, Angharad Davies, Rhodri Davies, Dead Rat Orchestra, Deathspell Omega, Zerfu Demissie, Bertrand Denzler, Dial, Diapsiquir, Diatribes, Dirac C, Directing Hand, The Doozer, Double Muslims, Kevin Drumm, dsic, David Dunn, Werner Durand, Mark Durgan

Earth, Max Eastley, Ata Ebtekar, Edwige, Eldrig, Elektronavn, Endless Dismal Moan, English, Lawrence English, Ensepulchred, Cenk Ergün, erikm, Kiko C. Esseiva, Evil Moisture, Eyes Like Saucers

Ferran Fages, Farm, Faust, Morton Feldman, Fen, Leah Fenimore, Filter Feeder, Finch, Forteresse, Joe Foster, Joe Frawley, Fria Konstellationen, Fricara Pacchu, Reinhold Friedl, Ellen Fullman

Richard Garet, The Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, Glass Ceiling, Gnaw Their Tongues, Malcolm Goldstein, Grasslung, Gregg Yeti and The Best Lights, Growing, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Barry Guy

Haeti & CR, Hair Police, Graham Halliwell, hamaYôko, Hammerschmidt, Mary Hampton, Marina Hardy, Atsuko Hatano, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Havohej, Hearts of Palm, John Hegre, Michel Henritzi, Hevoset, Hijokaidan, Higo Hiroshi, HSDOM, Jean-Louis Huhta, Hum of the Druid

Idea Fire Company, If, Bwana, Ryoji Ikeda, Illusion Of Safety, Incapacitants

Jamka, Jazkamer, Philip Jeck, René Joly, C. Joynes, Jumalhämärä, Junko

Kallabris, Zbigniew Karkowski, Takayuki Kawabata, Keijo, Christian Kiefer, Andrey Kiritchenko,
Kiss The Anus of a Black Cat, Civyiu Kkliu, Kolkhöze Printanium, Konono No 1, George Korein,
Korperschwache, Tomasz Krakowiak, Sharron Kraus, Felix Kubin, Christina Kubisch, Kvllvllvllv

Graham Lambkin, Landing Swabs, Lanterns, Jean-François Laporte, Latitude / Longitude, Lauhkeat Lampaat, Lay All Over It, Lead Sister II, The League of Automatic Music Composers, Thomas Lehn, Jacques Lejeune, Jason Lescalleet, Alan Licht, Lillevan, Lngtché, Lonesome Jonesome, Francisco López, Sara Lowes, Lugubrum, Luie Luie, Henning Lundkvist, Ralph Lundsten

Yoshi Machida, Maniacs Dream, Manpack Variant, Marblebog, Lasse Marhaug, Peter Martin, Savatore Martirano, Miya Masaoka, Alireza Mashayekhi, Masonic Youth, Matomeri, Mattin, Chrisopher McFall, Menace Ruine, MGR, Microblind Harvestmen, Das Mineralorchester, Phil Minton, Andrea Mjös, Modern Sound Quintet, MoHa!, Mok Nok, Mono, Ilya Monosov, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Irene Moon, Andy Moor, The Mount Fuji Doom Jazz Corporation, Mouths, Mouthus, mudboy, Jon Mueller, Tisha Mukarji, Geoff Mullen, murmer, Brendan Murray, Musti Laiton

N.E.W., Nad Spiro, Nadja, Ian Nagoski, nakaban, Toshimaru Nakamura, Nekrasov, Neptune, Nerve Net Noise, Neurobash, The New Blockaders, Anton Nikkilä, BJ Nilsen, Tirath Singh Nirmala, Njiqahdda, Atsuko Nojiri, Nos Phillipé, Alva Noto

Stephen O’Malley, Ocsid, Olekranon, Aki Onda, Original Sin

Pain Jerk, Parallel Lives, Evan Parker, Iván Patachich, The Peeesseye, Pelerine, Pentemple, Perisynti, Phantom Limb & Bison, Phog Masheen, Pig Heart Transplant, Pink Twins, Pita, Planet-Y, Pocahaunted, Zoltán Pongrácz, Fletcher Pratt, Gert-Jan Prins, Prurient, Pulga, Pure Sound, Pussy and The Muff Divers

Quest For Blood

R/S, Radio Ruido, Luasa Raelon, Maja S.K. Ratkje, Brenda Ray, José Luis Redondo, Peter Rehberg, The Remote Viewers, Revenge, Rigor Sardonicous, Stéphane Rives, RLW, Robedoor, David Rosenboom, Rothkamm, Sebastién Roux, Keith Rowe, RST, Mathieu Ruhlmann, R.Y.N.

Saralunden, Satan is my Brother, Minoru Sato, Marcus Schmickler, Semimuumio, Shepherds, Guy Sherwin, Shifts, Shit & Shine, Matt Shoemaker, Samuel Sighicelli, Lukas Simonis, Six Organs of Admittance, Skeletons Out, Julien Skrobek, The Skull Defekts, Smegma, Steven R. Smith, Sonde, Batur Sonmez, Sote, Spektr, Mary St. John, Sam Steer, Serafina Steer, Howard Stelzer, Carl Stone, Sudden Infant, Taku Sugimoto, Sujo, Sunburned, {{{Sunset}}}, Supersonic Riverside Blues, Chriss Sutherland, SYNB, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Akosh Szelevényi

Taarma, Hild Sofie Tafjord, Tamam Shud, Tea & Toast Band, Teeth Collection, Asmus Tietchens, The Tim Gaze Band, TITO, tmszkrkwk, Steven Tobin, Pau Torres, Bobb Trimble, Yagihashi Tsukasa, Tully, Cath Tyler, Phil Tyler

Ulaan Khol, Taku Unami, Unseen, Uton, UW Owl

Vapaa, Wouter Van Veldhoven, Caetano Veloso, Vestigial Limb, Vhernen, Virak, Vitsaus, Volontè, Vomir, Vopat

Yoshi Wada, Warmer Milks, Mark Wastell, Ian Watson, Ralf Wehowsky, The Weird Weeds, Wether, Whispers For Wolves, Simon Wickham-Smith, John Wiese, Trevor Wishart, Wolfmangler


Yellow Swans, Mitsuhiro Yoshimura, Richard Youngs, Sato Yukie

Z’EV, Zanzibar Snails, Zeitkratzer, Lin Zhiying, Rutger Zuydervelt

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