Errata for TSP18

  • The interview with C Joynes somehow lost a couple of paragraphs near the beginning. Click here and you can read the missing parts.
  • In the Rhiz compilation review (The Risk Of Burns Exist), the leader of Blurt is Ted, not James, Milton.
  • Page 119: Jana Winderen is Norwegian, not Japanese.
  • Page 35: Mikroknytes not Mikronytes.
  • Page 74, Z’EV interview: The first question should read: “What specifically about the music generates these healing effects? Is it a ‘passive’ phenomenon, or does it depend on the participation of the one who is to be healed?”
  • Page 133, Idea Fire Company Beauty School LP. This review makes a few incorrect assumptions. Scott Foust writes: “The sound on that record is not all that great, probably due to the mastering. The title track has a beautiful sound that didn’t quite come through on the record. We recorded it live in our long hallway, with Karla at the back and her amp on a stool and me and Matt about halfway with our amps on the floor. The stereo mic was in the living room. No pedals on it either, but I suspect you are hearing Karla’s Korg digital synth, which sort of has that sound.”

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