The Sound Projector 2nd issue 1997

Please note this issue is sold out.

The Sound Projector second issue was published in Summer 1997. Nobert Schilling (RIP) was a friendly German fellow who phoned up soon after issue one was published, offering his interview with Conrad Schnitzler, and (subsequently) releases on his Plate Lunch label. I used his translation of the Schnitlzer interview, although a few extra paragraphs were buy kamagra south africa translated in the UK. Norbert sadly died last year, although the work of the label is continued by Mark McNulty. War Arrow made his first appearance as a contributor in issue two, appearing under his original soubriquet Cindy War Arrow. The Florian Fricke interview has been described as ‘unintelligible’. Unfortunately it was transcribed from a tape where Florian’s voice was barely audible.

ED PINSENT, June 2002