The Sound Projector 5ifth Issue

Published January 1999 : 94 pp


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Listen to an interview with Charlemagne Palestine.

Contents included…

FIVE big interviews, including Charlemagne Palestine on the occasion of his visit to the UK in 1998; jazz composer Simon H Fell, on his 40th birthday; plus Chris Watson, T:un[k] Systems and Merzbow. Remaining electrifying contents = over 100 CDs and records reviewed. Too much to read, in fact. 94 pages to warm your brain through the long Winter months.

List of Contents:


1. In the Art Gallery
Edgardo Canton. Tim Hodgkinson. Arne Nordheim. Pauline Oliveros. Electropleinair sound diary.

2. Atoms of Pure Noise
Mnemonists. Merzbow. Neil Campbell. Vomit Lunches. Monostat 3. Rebirth of Fool comp. Peeled Hearts Paste.

3. The Crackling Ether: electronic missives
Variations 2 compilation. Pan Sonic and Alan Vega. Transient V Resident.
Water & Architecture. Anton Nikkil. Daniel Menche. Tone Rec. S.E.T.I.

3A. The Crackling Ether: field recordings
Annea Lockwood. Chris Watson.

4. Cut ‘N’ Paste: collage / edit music
Ryoji Ikeda. David Weinstein. Pure Water Construction. Carl Stone.

5. The Discurator’s Den
Henry Cow. Datblygu. Alternahunk. John Clyde-Evans. Swans. The Orchestre Murphy. Doug Snyder and Bob Thompson. Eugene Chadbourne. Sun City Girls. Birchville Cat Motel. To Live and Shave in LA. Fit For Kings comp. Sonic Youth. The Land of Nod. The Monsoon Bassoon. Peter Blegvad. rhBand.

6. Free Jazz
Sun Ra. Miles Davis remixed. The Eremite label.

7. Funky Organic Chutzpah: modern R’n’B
Lauryn Hill. Sleepy’s Theme. Charli Baltimore. Cleopatra. Brandy. Monica. All Saints. En Vogue.

8. Shades of Darkness / Holy Minimalists
Tony Conrad. Terry Riley. Eliane Radigue.

9. Japan [Your] Ears [are] Maximum Distress
Boredoms. Cassiber with Ground-Zero. Hijohkaidan.

10. Mephisto-Beats!
Panacea. Binary.

11. A Sense of the Monolithic
Foxtrot. Die Krupps. Der Blutarsch. Crisis. Nocturnal Emissions. New New Zealand music. Death In June.

12. The Mossbed of Improvisation is Kosmische
La! Neu?. The Pyramid label. Gomorrha. Gila. Electric Sandwich. Agitation Free.

13. The Phantom of Liberty: improv
Sweethearts in a Drugstore. Derek Bailey with Min Tanaka. Chris Burn’s Ensemble. Phil Minton. Minton, Butcher, Hirt. Lol Coxhill and Veryan Weston. Kev Hopper. Steve Lacy. Phil Durrant.

14. Skipload of Tapes
Knurl. Cock ESP / Emil Hagstrom. Brian Ruryk. Inca Eyeball. Julian Bradley and Neil Campbell. Ashtray Navigations. -outhern acific+. How to Kick Yourself. The Kzimpos and Hoogwater.


T:un[k] Systems [3, 1]
London-based sound sculptor Peter Hodgkinson explains his tone-generators, the science-art dialectic, and avant-garde cinema.

Charlemagne Palestine [8]
Legendary New York musician of the ‘Minimalist’ school, talks in a church about the organ, death, drones and singing in the synagogue.

Simon H Fell [3, 6, 13]
The UK’s most approachable polymath of jazz, composition, improvising and beyond, writes intelligently about his work and the perils of a small label. With an overview of key records from his discography.

Chris Watson [3A]
Former Cabaret Voltaire player discusses his field recordings and views on wildlife, the environment and noise pollution.

Merzbow [2, 9]
Miniaturist interview with the modern Surrealist Masami Akita, no longer using the term Noise for his work. Typeset in the ‘Dada’ style.


This Heat
Reissue of Health and Efficiency prompts a backwards glance.

Disinformation [3]
Three experiments relating to the hypothetical use of parabolic sound mirrors as offensive weapons, compiled by J Banks.

Book review
Lunar Notes by Zoot Horn Rollo

Folk Music: a rambling discourse
The Wicker Man; English folk; Andrew King.

Live Reviews
Tokyo’s Psychedelic improv invasion. Caroliner Rainbow. Question Mark and the Mysterians.

Joe Meek
A brace of compilation CDs bearing his production hallmarks.