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Correction to issue 16

The owner of Vinyl-On-Demand records is, of course, FRANK MAIER and not FRANK DOMMERT as printed. Frank Maier writes: “Frank Dommert runs Entenphuhl-label in Cologne and is part of Georg Odijk’s A-Musik Shop but he has nothing to do with me”.

This mistake occurs in the Philip Sanderson interview and in the Vinyl Viands Special section. Apologies for any misunderstandings caused!

Boy, is my face red…

climax conspiracy

Thanks for the review of our latest climax golden twins LP, in the latest issue…just have to set one thing straight because I’m that way…Scott Colburn did not actually play on this record, though he has contributed inimitably to many of our past releases. The drums on the track “Correct Interpretation” were played by the ambient caveman himself, Mr. Erin Sullivan. Erin is the primary songwriter and guitar player with the mighty A Frames. Some of the drums (the good ones) on the track called “Duel”–recorded at least 400 years ago–were by John Vallier. All else was courtesy of the two primary Twins. I suppose we should put more information on our releases to avoid this sort of thing, but them’s the breaks with us. Thanks. Sound Projector is the best and getting better each issue.
climax golden twins

Yma Sumac live in concert

With regard to your review of Yma Sumac’s Live in Concert CD, you are correct on most things but you do not have the background of the CD. The CD you are referring to, Yma Sumac Live in Concert 1961: The Russian Tour, was a bootleg that was made from a cassette tape recording of a 1961 LP called Recital on the Electrecord label from Bucharest, Romania of a concert there that same year. It was not from Russia at all and the CD was made in the United States. The Elect label of the bootleg CD does not even exist, but is a play on words of the Romanian label, Electrecord. The concert was part of Yma Sumac’s tour of the Soviet Union which lasted for about six month where she performed for millions of people and many heads of state. It is in part that it is a bootleg that it has the poor sound quality but also it is because the original LPs themselves often suffered quality-control issues so that mint copies sometimes won’t even play properly all the way through!

With that said, there is a new CD release that was made directly from the Electrecord master tapes called Recital, which was the name of the original LP. This new CD is available currently and has been reorganized into the playing order in which the material was likely performed and includes an instrumental overature opening the show that was missing from all other releases. The sound quality on this new release is phenomonal. The extensive booklet features photos taken at the very show where the recording was made and also has analysis of each song with a translation of the original show program!

Of note is that some of the original Electrecord LPs, both 10″ and 12″, contained voice introductions to each song while other pressings do not have these intros. Neither of the CD releases have them but the new Recital release has translations of them in its booklet. There were also at least two different Electrecord label designs and there were several 45rpm and even some 78rpm singles available from Electrecord in 1961. While made in Bucharest, Romania, there were at least two releases that targed the German market, one of which had a large sticker in German covering the Romanian liner notes and another that had the track listing printed on the sleeve in German. More details can be found on